Natural Playground

Beacon Hill Park

Victoria’s natural playground is closer than you think

There is a natural playground in the heart of Victoria is just minutes away by walking from the downtown core. At Axio, we routinely take our breaks in this remarkable environment. We often stumble upon places we’ve never explored before. If you’re new to Victoria or looking to get away from the quaint bustle (sure, that’s a thing) we recommend it. Here are some of our favourite things to check out in the park:

  • On Fridays, you can sometimes catch a cricket game
  • The water park is a hit with kids, and it is a joy to watch them splash around mid-summer
  • There some peacocks that roam the park – often we walk until we see one
  • The petting zoo is always a good time to see the baby goats or other domestic animals
  • Walking through the many beautiful gardens

If you keep walking through the park away from downtown, you will eventually arrive at Dallas Road beach. This amazing public beach spans many kilometres of trails and paths along the southern tip of the downtown core. Across the water stunning views of the Olympic mountains which deserve a gander.

At Axio connecting with community is our primary mission. Explore Victoria and share your (working) time with us!